After School Program

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After School Program

World Upside Down nonprofit partners with us to deliver our after school program. Our after school program runs Monday through Friday from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. We offer families a childcare track and an arts education track. Students can attend one day a week and up to five days a week. We provide transportation to as many schools as we can based on need and demand. 

Arts Education Track

Students in our arts education track can take classes in music, visual arts, dance, and/or theater. Students choose their preferred artistic track and parents commit to making sure their students attend the related art classes each week so that students can be ready to perform with excellence in their showcase. Students perform in showcases every eight weeks so they share what they are learning with friends and family. Showcases are free events which are open to the public. Click here to download the Fall 2024 schedule.

  • Transportation
  • Homework assistance
  • Classes in music, visual arts, dance, and/or theater
  • Showcase performances every eight weeks

Childcare Track

Students in our childcare track get transportation and homework assistance. They can also explore creative play but do not participate in our arts education classes.

  • Transportation
  • Homework assistance
  • Creative play


Tuition varies depending on your choice of a 1-3-day or 4-5-day schedule. Click here to download the Tuition & Fees Schedule

Teaching Team

We have an amazing team of teaching artists and instructors who care deeply about their students and work hard to create a safe and inspiring space for them to grow and learn. Check out their bios here.

Free Trial

Want to try out our after school program? Register your student for a free trial so they can attend our after school program for a day, meet our teachers, and see which classes they enjoy the most.  We do not provide transportation for students participating in a free trial.

After School Discounts

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Sign Up Today

Step 1: Register on Procare
Apply for entry into our after school program by filling out the Procare registration form on our website. Returning families do not need to fill out the Procare registration form again. Parents can send us a message through Procare confirming that their student/s will be participating in the program.

Step 2: Complete Your Registration

After your student has been accepted, you can complete your registration on Procare and download the app. We will ask you to sign the parent handbook and confirm:

  • Start date
  • Weekly schedule (days per week and which days)
  • Childcare track or Arts Education track
  • Class sign-ups

Step 3: Secure Your Spot

Our customer service specialist will send you an invoice for registration and tuition fees and will set up your payment plan. Once you make your first payment, you can secure your spot. When you set up your payment method, Procare will default to autopay. You can change this at any time.  

After School Program FAQs

Parents can sign their students up for one day a week and up to five days a week. Pricing varies for a 1-3 day schedule and a 4-5 day schedule. 

We follow the Greenville County Public School schedule for holidays and vacations. We provide transportation every day that the Greenville County Public School system is open for a full day. We are closed on teacher work days and can pick up early on half days at parents' request based on overall demand.

Arts classes in music, visual arts, dance, and theater are held from 3:30pm-5:30pm Monday - Thursday. Classes are 45-minutes in length. The fall 2024/25 schedule will be released soon.

We assist students with homework from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Homework support is provided in a group setting, not a one-on-one tutoring session. Parents should make homework assistance requests clear when starting the program.

Students in our arts education track perform in showcases for parents every eight weeks. Students must attend the arts classes to participate in the showcase.

We are currently providing transportation for Bells Crossing Elementary, Green Charter Elementary, Greenville Classical Academy, Mauldin Elementary, Oakview Elementary, Simpsonville Elementary, Pelham Road Elementary, and Sarah Collins Elementary. If you have a transportation request, please email:

We require a minimum of three children to pick up at a school.

Due to a high volume of students with allergies, we do not provide snacks for students nor do we permit food sharing among students.

Most of our after school students are in elementary school, but we can provide classes for middle school students as well.

Parents who enroll their students in the after school program commit to making monthly payments before the 1st of each month for the entire school year. We can prorate as needed for late starters. Click here for details on Tuition fees.

Registration Fee $100 / year (non-refundable)
1-3 Days a Week | $250/month or $62.05/week
4-5 Days a Week | $400/month or $100/week
Early pick up for half school days | $25/day

All tuition fees are due before students can start. After the first invoices have been paid (for application, supplies, and first month of tuition), payments must be made monthly before the 1st of each month.

Monthly payments are charged for four weeks of tuition. December and March are prorated to three weeks in alignment with the Greenville County Public School holiday schedule.

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If you are experiencing financial hardship, please feel free to fill out this Scholarship Application. We cannot offer more than a 10% scholarship discount for the 2024-25 school year and cannot guarantee any scholarship funds.

We prorate tuition for the months of December and March due to Christmas vacation and Spring Break. We also prorate tuition for late starters but cannot prorate tuition for back pay and time missed due to illness or travel.