Group Classes

Music, visual arts, dance, and theater

Classes run semester-long and are charged monthly at an average cost of $60/month for weekly classesWe can pro-rate payments as needed.

Most of our classes are available during the spring semester, fall semester, and/or summer.

We need 6 students to launch a class, so if you see a class you like, join the waitlist and help us spread the word so we can launch. 

Days and times do depend on teacher availability so when you sign up for the waitlist, let us know which days/times work for you so we can try to launch the class on the next day/time that works for you and your student/s. The more options you give us, the easier it is to match students up. 

Classes Running Now

Music and Spanish

Ages 4-6 | Tues 1:00PM | 45 min

Learn Spanish through song through an engaging and integrated linguistics approach.

Basic Elements of Art

Ages 6+ | Tues 1:00PM | 55 min

Learn color theory, warm and cool colors, and the expression of color. No experience required.

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